Hey there, Magnificent Human

I funkify muggle constructs. 

You (hopefully) have a cat. 

Together, we can make

Something Great

All you need is a little digital telemetry.

 Whether you need a new website, a hand with your existing content, or want to spread the word about your work or products, I can help. 

Graphic Design

Professional photography, gig posters, book covers or a badge for your new line of cat sweaters. I dont judge.

Web Design

Carefully crafted upon years of adepthood, only the best trends, CSS and compliant code goes into the spells I weave. 

Built lovingly, with WordPress.


From blog posts to books, no tome is too intimidating for my magic fingers. Copyrighting, ghost whispering and snappy one-liners a specialty.


Web, content and front-end development – Conjuring lasting impressions one enchanted pixel at a time.

Dream a Little Dream With Me

I’m known around these parts as a minstrel of the mighty morphing languages of Web — HTML, CSS, Javascript + PHP. 

Adherent to the ephemereal joys of intrasensory experience and familiar with that darkling space between intrigue and ease of use.

Learn More About Me

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

I provide high quality WordPress style kits, training, tips, and much more, all for free. Have a seat! 

Layers Styles

These are exclusively made for WordPress sites using Layers and offer custom design options with easy to understand instructions.


WordPress & WooCommerce videos and a treasure trove of knowledge to get you started using Layers or building your own custom projects.

Tips & Tricks

Learn from my experiments and happy accidents – see how you can add more style to your WordPress site or tweak a tail or two.

You, creature of the Creative Order -

You’re dreaming up rad things, and you’re ready to see them reflected in the eyes of your delighted patrons. 

Think we’re destined? Excellent! A mindmeld session awaits.