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Share What's Important

Your friends with kids think their babies are cuter. Show them just how wrong they are.

Photos, Clips & More

Snap a selfie or take a short video clip to upload and share instantly.

Spread the Love

Give a heart to get a heart and access your favorite photos, quotes and videos anytime, anywhere.

Be Silly!

Choose from over 20 silly hats with our one-of-a-kind Kittnator photo editing tools.


Collect hearts and choose from a growing collection of mobile toys for your cat, or send one to a friend!

Shop Till You Drop

Shop unique pet gifts and products from Kittn collaborators and partners. We donate 25% of all sales to support no-kill shelters.


Updates posted to your Kittn trail can be shared directly to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too.

The Joy of Play

1 out of 3 cats is overweight and lonely. Kittn ‘s toy box aims to fix it.
Action Shots
Action shot mode captures the moment and seamlessly shares to your Kittn trail.
Toys Your Cats Will Love
Our growing collection of interactive toys have been tested and approved by real cats worldwide!

Connect, Share, Enjoy

Kittn is packed with delightful ways to celebrate feline awesomeness
Dress Up!
Add silly hats and accessories to any portrait or selfie, customize and share!
What's Hot
Get the latest updates on your favorite furry celebrities. Collect hearts to get your place at the top!
Kat Chat
Share news, offer tips or divulge secrets with other Kittn enthusiasts. We take care of the translation for you!

Now on iOS

Get Kittn for your iPhone or iPad today!
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