Layers Docs

Layers is an open-source theme framework for the WordPress publishing platform. In addition to working on development and QA phases of its creation, I was tasked with building a knowledgebase to house the expansive body of documentation, tutorials and user guides that were needed to support the project through the course of its lifetime in the wild. Since Layers would come to depend on the development community to create add-ons and themes to flesh out its customization library, the documentation needed to be tailored to both the code-minded and leyman alike.

The design focuses on ease-of-use to help visitors find information quickly, followed by clean typography and code display. In keeping with the brand, Layers colors and graphics keep things playful without compromizing flow or functionality. Built on Layers for the foundation, the nature of the site’s content demanded a robust, custom child theme for added control over the meta displayed in the archives, a special format for single-page (print-friendly) user guides and version update info.  Learn more about what went into the site here.

Project Details
  • Project: Layers
  • Team: Obox Themes
  • URL:
  • Role: Design, Theme & Widget Development, Content Development, Setup & Administration