Obox Themes Knowledgebase

Obox Themes is a WordPress Theme & Plugin studio with over 25,000 customers worldwide. This knowledgebase was developed using the Obox Themes OCMX framework and includes custom functionality to support the needs of a growing user population. It focuses on driving support requests to take advantage of self-help first, with ease-of-use and searchabilty a priority. User can browse theme documentation separately from troubleshooting and update notes for a smoother experience, add bookmarks to articles they refer to often or check out how a theme works before purchasing. Video tutorials for WordPress and WooCommerce tie in to our customer dashboard, as do ticket requests to talk to a human being. Obox still uses this support site today, marking nearly 6 years of happy customers.

Project Details
  • Date: 2013
  • Client: Obox Themes
  • Role: Design, Development, Content Development & Site Administration
  • URL: