This is a demo style kit for the Layers framework and is intended as a teaching tool.


CSS, json and XML data is covered by the GPL 2.0 License.
Screen graphics by Roshi

Get it on GitHub


Visit the Layers Help website for detail tutorials:
How to Import a Style Kit
How to Create a Style Kit


This kit uses the following Layers Settings:

Site Settings

  • Logo & Title: Custom Logo with text option unchecked
  • Fonts: Lato for the Body and Buttons, and Bree Serif for the headings.


  • Boxed
  • Logo Left
  • Sticky, Overlay
  • Background Color – Clear (CSS will Set this)


  • Boxed
  • Widget Areas: None
  • Text & Link Color: #FFF
  • Background Color: #222

Suggested Plugins

The demo uses Menu Social Icons, which adds icons to the standard “Link” panel in the menu manager. Simply create a
menu, add some links using the social icons, and assign it to the footer location.